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See why more resorts, fine dining restaurants, stadiums and yachts are switching to FPV Drone Tours

What is FPV Drone Tours?

FPV (First Person View) Drone Tours is a luxury destination media production company.  Our interior and exterior drone tour is revolutionizing the marketing game and bringing our clients more exposure, attraction and customers for Resorts, Fine Dining, Air BnB's and more.  The world of marketing and advertisement has evolved into short form videos.  Our videos increase audience engagement by creating an immersive experience of flying with the drone through your property.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to fulfill any request based on budget and location.

We are fully licensed and certified to fly our drones anywhere in the world.

Grow Your Vision

The Crossover between traditional 360 tours, and traditional drone shoots

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One Shot, One Opportunity

Did You Capture It?

We utilize the latest in FPV and drone technology to provide the highest quality content for our clients.


Email FPV Drone Tours to learn more about any one of our services

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Luxury Resorts

Show off your beautiful resort or listing with a 4k seamless, one-shot video flyover of the property and all of the amenities.

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Fine Dining

An interactive 4k flyover will help show off your best assets! Use it to garner new customers or promote it on your website and socials.

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Attract new students, create hype for your favorite team in your favorite stadium or of the universities best assets.

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Better than a walkthrough, a video flyover can provide a new level of marketing and advertisement.  Feel as if you are flying through the venue yourself with an immersive video of your local arena or stadium



Fly through boats, catch it in action on the water, or in the harbor.  Whatever the occasion is, we have you covered.

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Don't see a match? Reach out to explore our work in many other areas such as weddings/events, production sets, office leasing, and many others!


All shoots can be tailored to your needs.

Below are our most popular packages:

Tier 1

1, 30-second video with 5-10 accompanying photos

Post processing included

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Tier 2

1, 30 second video, 1, 1-minute video and 5-10 accompanying photos


Post processing included

Learn More


2, 30-second videos, 2, 1-minute videos, and up to 15 photos and 6-12 months of marketing material.

Post processing included.

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How It Works

Our 3 step process makes it easy, fast, and stress free 



We will come up with the perfect shoot to fit your needs.  We will talk about length, format and deliverables.



Our team will get everything needed for the shoot set up and we will coordinate the times and days.



Post processing and editing varies depending on the shoot, but we will give you the final product that is sure to amaze!

Austin, Texas

Email for shoots outside of Austin


(720) 984-0097



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